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Family life is getting increasingly complicated, and families in our mostly well-to do northern suburbs are no exception. School officials have spoken out that their resources are overtaxed in trying to deal with mental health, substance abuse, performance pressure and family relationship issues. Local traffic courts are getting a steady flow of teenagers with severe emotional and substance abuse problems, and parents at their wits end.

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 Every day hundreds of Families across Georgia struggle against the adversity and challenges of everyday life. Drugs, addiction, incarceration, and even suicide can be the result of a dysfunctional community with muddled resource channels.  Here at the Hub Family Resource Center we are dedicated to helping these families and providing access to resources they need.  Join today to begin speaking with a resource specialist, or to gain access to our library of professionally curated resources and articles.

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The resources are out there. There are counseling centers, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, substance abuse recovery programs, family enrichment programs and parenting classes. But many don’t know how to find them. What is missing is a central “first-stop” connecting point. One phone number to call for families, schools, police departments, fire departments, hospitals ERs, courts and probation services; and one place to go, to be matched up by experienced professionals to resources matching the need.